Lia Lor

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Lia Lor in Supersize Me Monster Cocks

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Que’s Review for HUSTLER

The Mojo
There are times when you want to take your ladies hand, delicately hold it and look deep into her beautiful eyes and tenderly tell her she’s a little slut whore and to get the fuck down on her dirty knees and suck dick! Yes, We’re talking sleazy here and nothing says sleaze like Hustler. You know, Thelma down at the bar. Get a couple drinks into the little slut and she’s down on her knees. Or Casey who works the counter down at the Seven Eleven. Catch her a buzz and she’ll spread her legs in a heartbeat, For you and your buddies! The kind of girls that you can be an asshole around because they know their worth is between their legs!
Ups and Downs
Tons of content. Been around forever. Like nineteen fucking seventy four or something like that. Quality is very good but not up there with say Babes or DDF. But to tell you the truth crystal clear would kinda ruin the mojo if you know what I mean. My only real gripe with the place is that I was looking forward to seeing complete sets of all the old Honey’s. You know, That little pic in the corner of the page in that old issue of Hustler you found up in your uncles attic, The one you were just dying to see more of. Nada, The archive only went back so far before something on the site started fucking up. And what they do have is mostly in smaller pics and only the published stuff. To be fair the newer content is bigger and much better but I doubt they will redo the archives. They concentrate on the vids and they have their shit down. Every DVD they have is online. Well over 8000 and counting. So if you’re into traditional porno flicks than this is thee fucking place.
Network sites included?
Integrated with Barely Legal. Which is cool as you can bounce back and forth without logging in and out. Plus 20 other sub sites like Beaver Hunt, Anal Hookers and Hustler Parodies which are basically extensions of their flick series.
Over all recommendation
If you are into porno flicks then hell yea! Especially since they have a two dollar trial that speaks volumes on their confidence in you wanting to stay. If you are only into pics well I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in their newer stuff and you do get to see all the Honeys but I think you can do better with say DDF or Sextury 21.

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