Dani Daniels Vids

Dani Daniels in Into The Wild

Dani Daniels in Into The Wild

After a hike outside, Dani gets inspired by the beautiful scenery. Feeling the warm sun on her skin, it doesn’t take much time before she gets herself off.

Que’s Review for BABES.com

The Mojo
Sometimes, as much as we’d all swear otherwise we all want a little feeling with our lust. You know that girl you wish you were dating/married to? Yea, the one you’d take up the isle in a heartbeat. The one if you had a magic wand you’d turn your bitchy wife into? These are those chicks! Yea, the ones you not only don’t mind giving up a little foreplay to but actually want to! And the best part is they don’t get to carried away with the crap and try and get overtly sensuous, the girls get fucked. It’s almost like Playboy goes hardcore.
Ups and Downs
The quality is top notch. Super sized pics and hi-def vids. And better yet real productions, real sets and real makeup artists. Not some ying yangs picking up some skanky hooker and doing her in a cheesy hotel with camcorders. The girls look like they are ready to go out on the town. Now when I say real productions I’m talking sound tracks, and not just musack elevator shit either. It’s like Playboy meets hardcore. Only downside I see is they’ve only been online for a couple, three years so there is not a ton of archived stuff. So I’d recommend a one dollar trial first to make sure you really dig it. Of course I always like that in a site. If they are willing to let you in for a buck then it generally shows they are confident enough in their site’s worth that you will want to stay.
Network sites included?
None, Just Babes but Jesus what babes they are!
Over all recommendation
Long as you dig the mojo I have no reservations recommending this site.

So if you love Dani Daniels grab a trial membership at BABES.com and download the entire set in 1663×2494 and the flick in HD1080p. Join for a freaking buck! That’s right. $1.00 USD!